Sunday, 28 September 2008

Things are getting crazy

Hi guys.
Well I finally got around to writing a new post! Things just seem to be so absolutely hectic in our house at the moment. With school back and up and running now,my days seem to be a blur of school runs,after-school clubs,work,housework and with a baby on the way,buggies,cots and car seats.........oh and not to forget Christmas on the horizon.

My aim for this next month is to (finally) get my website up and running,which will involve a lot of 'creating' and a lot of self promotion. I'm hoping to be able to do a mail drop(although waddling around the street isn't too appealing at present!!)and attending as many craft fairs as possible. So be prepared for lots of pictures of my creations,rants of frustration and constant threats of giving up!!

See you soon

Emma xx

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