Thursday, 18 September 2008

A weekend of relaxation and creativity!!

Last weekend,Sam and I packed an overnight bag,bundled the kids in the car and headed down the M4 in the direction of Reading.
With the intention of visiting my sister-in-law,I had resigned to this weekend being a hectic and noisy one,but to my suprise it turned into a very relaxing and inspiring weekend.

We took in the views of green fields and animals(which in London,are only found on posters)and fresh air, which seemed to do us all the world of good.
Amazingly, I managed to create a few items for my next craft fair and felt truly inspired by my surroundings. So here for you is a taster of some of my latese creations.


Matthew said...

I thought I saw you asking for message for crafts supplier. Actually I am a boy from Xi'an City,China. Xi'an is a historical and modern city. There are many good crafts. If you can shou me some similar pictures of your style, I may help.


Carolee Crafts said...

Love the creativity hope you do well at the craft show.

Matthew Chen said...

newly come