Monday, 27 October 2008

I don't believe it

As promised, I took pictures of all of my latest projects, switched the computer on, plugged in the camera and...................the camera has decided that it will no longer work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lately I have noticed that the pictures were not coming out at the same quality that they always had and now I am thinking that it was my cameras way of telling me it was going to 'die'.
So I have reserved a new camera online tonight and I will be marching down to the high street tomorrow to pick it up. Luckily the pictures automatically save to the memory card,so all I have to do is put the memory card in the new camera when I get it.
I am determined that these pictures will be uploaded,even if it kills me....

On a Roll!!

Well I know I haven't posted much lately but I have a very good reason. I have been bitten by the inspiration bug and have been busy beavering away making and creating.
I have finally managed to get in gear and go for it,resulting in lots of new projects.
And to prove it,by the end of the day I will have the pictures uploaded.......promise!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Will it ever end!!

Hi all

Question...Why is it that when we have so much to do,we end up ill?!
I was adamant that my website would be up and running by the end of October,but have recently been hit by a bug which has put me out of action for a week. A week?,I hear you say,that's not so bad but on top of looking after the house and the kids,tying up loose ends at work so I can take my maternity leave AND trying to make enough stock to open the website, a week feels like forever.
Still, I have had chance to sit down with pen and paper and do all the 'boring and uncreative' stuff involved with getting my website off the ground and I can see the light!!!!
I am determined to get out some of the cards that I have managed to make and take some snaps so you can see what I have been up to!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

A drive in the country

Aaaah,sunday afternoon and I'm still feeling rather relaxed from yesterday.
What started out as a quick drive up to the local Sainsbury's ended in a family day out in Kent!!
With some food supllies in the back of the car and several cd's just for good measure we headed up down the M20 towards Kent.
Although the weather left a lot to be desired,it was unbelievably refreshing to see all the cows,sheep and other animals freely roaming the countryside.
And with the help of the internet on my phone we managed to find a local craft centre that was a treasure cove for any crafter.
With bags full of materials and 'inspiration' we found a nice spot for dinner a cosy cup of hot chocolate before headeing back to the car and finding our way back home. So now,with lots of new 'toys' to play with, I'm off for an afternoon of crafting and making a start on the christmas rush!!