Monday, 27 October 2008

I don't believe it

As promised, I took pictures of all of my latest projects, switched the computer on, plugged in the camera and...................the camera has decided that it will no longer work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lately I have noticed that the pictures were not coming out at the same quality that they always had and now I am thinking that it was my cameras way of telling me it was going to 'die'.
So I have reserved a new camera online tonight and I will be marching down to the high street tomorrow to pick it up. Luckily the pictures automatically save to the memory card,so all I have to do is put the memory card in the new camera when I get it.
I am determined that these pictures will be uploaded,even if it kills me....

1 comment:

Buffy said...

Arrrgh poor you, seems I can quite merrily do things then 1 little thing throws a spanner in the works and things just suddenly become so complicated!!

Have fun with the new Camera and I for one am looking forward to seeing your new pics.

~Buffy x x